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Part-Time Case Manager Position


San Juan Counseling is seeking to fill a part-time Case Manager position without benefits to work in Montezuma Creek.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Case managers work in direct contact with Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill individuals.  Duties include, but not limited to: Helping clients navigate mental health and medical appointments: Teaching clients personal hygiene (bathing, shaving, deodorant, make-up, hair care, etc.): Teaching clients to keep a budget and spend within that budget.  Case managers may go shopping with clients and help prepare menu schedules. They help plan and purchase food, assist, teach and demonstrate activities of daily living.  They may teach simple cooking, housekeeping, and other basic life skills, etc.  Case management will involve transporting clients.  This position will be in Montezuma Creek, Utah.


REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants need to be understanding and empathic to client needs, have a High School Diploma or equivalent, current Utah Driver’s License and pass a background investigation. Have the ability to lift up to 40 pounds and must be comfortable using computers and demanding software applications.  Must be able to work up from 20-30 hours per week, Monday through Thursday. Shifts are 7-10 hours per day.


PAY SCHEDULE:   Beginning salary entry level: Step 25 ($11.19/hr).


CLOSING DATE:  Position open until filled


APPLICATION PROCESS:   Complete application form 305, available at San Juan Counseling or Utah Department of Workforce Services.   Submit completed application form and resume to San Juan Counseling (735 S. 200 W. Suite 1, Blanding, Utah).   For additional information call 435 678-2992.



Application can be found here: