Professionals Helping the Citizens of San Juan County


435 - 678 - 2992


Anyone can be referred to San Juan Counseling for services. To access services please call or come into our main office at 356 South Main St. in Blanding during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday).

To call and schedule an appointment please call:

435-678-2992 or

1-888-833-2992 (toll free)

Your information will be kept confidential.


Utah Medicaid, medical insurance, and state and local contracts may all be billed for the services provided. There may be a reduced fee for each service provided based on ability to pay as well as other factors. Please call our main office at 435- 678-2992 or toll free at 1-888-833-2992 for full details regarding services provided and also regarding fees charged. San Juan Counseling can arrange to make payments affordable. You may qualify for a contracted service in which there is no fee charged. Please call for details.


San Juan Counseling Center does not deny access to services to anyone due to their inability to pay.


San Juan Counseling has a discounted fee schedule that is based on the current Federal Poverty Guidelines available for clients to utilize.  In order to participate on the sliding fee schedule, you will need to provide us with updated income verification.  This information must be updated annually to continue to utilize the sliding fee.